Taraka Mantra

AUM SREE RAMA JAYA RAMA  JAYA JAYA RAMA Sadhu Prof. V. Rangarajan Sri Bharatamata Mandir, Srinivasanagar, Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore 560 036, INDIA   ‘Rama’, the Sanskrit word means ‘that which revels in the bosom of every being’—Sarve ramante iti raamah. Modern science explains that it is one ‘Consciousness’ that pervades the entire field of creation—both animate […]

Solution to Poverty

ETERNAL SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM OF POVERTY V,RANGARAJAN (Director, Sister Nivedita Academy, Madras)   “There  is no greater woe in hell” says Kalhana in Rajtarangini, “for one to see. Than seeing his own son crying out of hunger, his wife serving as a menial in another’s house, his friend in danger, a cow emaciated due […]