Tattva Darsana Vol. 35 Oct – Dec 2018

TATTVA DARSANA 35-4 Oct-Dec 2018 (Cover) TATTVA DARSANA 35-4 Oct-Dec 2018 Text

Devotion To Guru And Guruparampara

Devotion to the Guru is often expressed by adoring and worshipping His form, garlanding His idol or picture, chanting His name and holding bhajans in praise of Him. However, true devotion is not in these external demonstrations, but in absolute faith in and acceptance of every thought, word and deed of the Master as Divine. […]

Tattva Darsana July-Sept 2018

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Tattva Darsana Oct-Dec 2014

Vande Mataram! Jai Sri Ram! Jai Yogi Ramsuratkumar! My Master blesses you! TATTVA-DARSANA-31-4-OCTOBER-DECEMBER-2014.pdf TATTVA-DARSANA-31-4-October-December-2014Cover.pdf

Tattva Darsana 31 July – 3rd September 2014

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